Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Does Anybody Know Where They're Going?

My 'path', as it were, is notable (from my perspective) for a few of its characteristics, one of them being it is a path littered with so many dead ends and false turns, it is less a path than it is a maze, the difference being one is created and utilized as a route from here to there while the other includes the potential to get there from here, it is designed to test, not assist, in the travel.

So, it is often that I find myself nose up against one of those dead ends. Then, I have a choice. I can either stay there, contemplating the wall, I can stay there and rail against the wall, attempting to make my way through it by force, I can stay there and pretend that this is exactly where I meant to be, in fact, this is the end of the maze, I made it! Eureka! (That would be my denial yelling "Eureka!", in case that wasn't apparent.). However, reality will inevitably win the stare down and I will turn around, take a breath, and head back in the direction I came until I reach another turn in the road to choose. Hoping, always, that it ends more productively than the last.

I do this every single day of my life and as of date, that makes this my 15,930th travel day. I would consider myself, therefore, somewhat of an expert in this maze/path thing but for how lost I feel all the time. 

Ever notice that the surface of the brain looks a lot like a maze? Go figure.