Monday, February 4, 2013

A Problem with My Problems

I have a problem. Actually, I have quite a few problems, but the one this blog has been most effected by is the problem I have with blogging, which is: I can't decide if I'm going to commit to a blog site that is transparent, translucent, or opaque. I'm really on the fence about this because privacy is my favorite creature comfort. I potentially care much more about other people's opinions of me than I've previously been aware admitting.

This, by the way, is another one of my problems that is included in a cluster of similarly situated issues I have in my problem storage. I organize my problems by storing them in sets of matching type, origin, and/or urgency. One problem can occupy more than one group, which means that I can honestly say look someone dead in the eye and deny having a of a long list of problems. Instead of a single list, I have tables of them that are indexed. In essence, my problems are multidimensional. Not in a semantic sort of way, but in a relational database sort of way. In order to tackle one of my problems, my self-help tools include SQL queries. I'm not smart enough to write stored procedures.

But, I digress.

To be fair, privacy is important, to me. I'm basically a very private person simply because I'm basically a very introverted type person.

Upshot: When I figure out my comfort level, my posts will inevitably be either irregular in their delivery or irregular in their content. That's my way of saying what I write about will be so obscure (my modus operendi is suffocation by abstraction) as to be impossible to understand. Oh, readers will often think they understand. They may even comment with a well placed admonishment to seek help soon, but, in truth, the meaning was buried alive in all that verbosity.

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